🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.
SenselApp v0.13 - We Apologize for Blowing Your Mind.

SenselApp v0.13 - We Apologize for Blowing Your Mind.

When we set out to make the Morph, the guiding principle was to make the most versatile controller possible. With swappable overlays, minimal hardware, bluetooth connections, and a pile of use-cases, you might think we reached that goal. 

Well, there's more. With this new release of the SenselApp, you can change the event type of each "Overlay Control Area," allowing you to mix Keyboard events, MIDI events, and Gamepad Events all on one Overlay. What does that mean exactly? 

For example, what if you really like the controls on the Gaming Overlay, but don't really play games? Now you can make it a MIDI controller to fire off samples instead of bad guys. 

Or what if you think the Video Editor would make a great DJ controller for Native Instruments Traktor? Just reprogram all the buttons to MIDI controls and you can line up your cues, browse your tracks, and rock the house.

There's also the opportunity to make the Music Production overlay control ProTools - just re-program the buttons to your most-used keystrokes and shave time and effort from your sessions.

Or what if you see "big yellow buttons" instead of "drum pads"? Make it so by reprogramming the Drum Pads from MIDI into keystrokes or gamepad buttons.

What else is new ("But wait! There's more!")? An early implementation of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). For a long time, instrument makers have tried to figure out a way to bridge the expressive gaps between electronics and acoustic instruments. While electronics promise a world of sound, synthesists have long envied the ease with which a guitar string bends, a violin slides, and the physicality of the upright bass. With MPE, the bleeding edge specification is designed for highly sensitive controllers like the Morph, extracting maximum resolution and playability from MIDI. Every finger has unique bend and XY motion detection. We're excited to get this rolled into the Morph and make it available to you. 

Get more details in the Forum, and update your App and Firmware today from our Downloads section!