🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.
Not Your Regular Remix Contest

Not Your Regular Remix Contest

We are excited to announce the “Not Your Regular Remix” contest. With thousands of views of our launch video, there’s been a lot of curiosity about the featured music. The good news is there’s a lot more than what’s in the video. Even better, you now have a chance to shape all that raw material into something fantastic AND win some great prizes.

Most remix contests give you a polished track with a well-defined sound. We think this invites more conservative productions and less creativity. So we’re releasing a bunch of related stems from the same session - different themes and ideas, but all with the same tempo and players. The stems are pretty long - usually at least 32 bars. You can add more instruments and a vocal and make a song, or chop and process them to create radical new compositions. Use the clean parts for something pristine, or grab the sloppy grungy chunks and stir them in a pot. Whatever you do, make it yours.

Check out this extended interview with producer Rayna Zemel as she goes through some of the stems and uncovers her process and thinking as she finds creative avenues to make the basic stems her own music. It’s a wonderful peek behind the curtains, and shows how improvisation, preparation, and diving into the unknown can result in something really fun.

Then, grab the Ableton Live Set or Raw Stems from our remix partner Blend.io and start making your own remix by February 1st. We’ll run through all the remixes and award the following prizes:

Grand Prize:
  • Sensel Morph Producer’s Kit (Morph, Case, and Piano, Drum Pad, Music Production, and QWERTY Overlays)
  • 1 Year License for Cycling ’74 Max
  • Glitchmachines Everything Bundle
  • ROLI Equator software synth
  • Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection.
Second Prize:
  • Sensel Morph + Piano Overlay + Drum Overlay
  • ROLI Equator software synth
  • Glitchmachines Packs Bundle
  • Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection
Third Prize:
  • ROLI Equator software synth
  • Glitchmachines Fracture XT Plugin
  • Glitchmachines Parallax Pack
  • Choice of synth from Arturia V Collection

If you’re not familiar with Blend, it’s a terrific way for collaborating and sharing work. It supports several softwares and keeps track of the community of people interested in your sets and stems. Grab our remix files and see how easy it is!

Many thanks to our prize partners:

  • Glitchmachines - unconventional plugins and futuristic sound designs
  • Cycling ’74 - visual programming to connect anything to anything
  • ELPHNT - awesome tools and tutorials for Ableton Live
  • ROLI - musical instruments of the future
  • Arturia - legendary synths, recreated as software - the best of the best.

Sensel Remix prize partners.