Sarah Belle Reid

Trumpet-Controlled Oscillations
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Noise to Play With

Sarah Belle Reid doesn't press play, she just loves to play. Studying with Wadada Leo Smith has given her the freedom to expand from classical to somehow making sense of a mixture of Don Cherry, Morton Subotnick, and underground noise scenes. Her trumpet sounds are a sonic treasure trove that range from classical brass tones to animated skronk. We cut up some of her material to create a sound set of electroacoustic fun that will open up your ears. Taking some of the raw outtakes from her latest album, we've created a super set for Ableton Live.

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Live Stream

Sarah Belle Reid is a trumpet virtuoso. But if you see her perform, you’ll hear a lot more than solo trumpet. You may recognize her from our artist profile from a few months back. If not, go watch it, it’s really enjoyable. Ok, now that you are back, you are well prepared to play. Sarah is joining us on our Artist Talks series, but this time, you’ll get to participate. As a student of music and performance, all this time stuck at home has given her a lot to think about. We’ve had some good back and forth about these topics, and we will be experimenting with some different ideas of collaboration over the internet.