Laura Escudé - Future Classical

Violin and voice turned texture

Old Is New

Laura work pushes the bounds of creative imagination. This pack for Ableton Live lets you sculpt her material with your own creative vibe. We transformed some of her existing work so it's amazing with the Morph. Vocal snippets turn into infinite textures. A library of percussive violin is transformed into an effervescent storm of sonic clay.

Learn more about Laura Escude and her latest free workshop for performance.

Live Stream

Laura's career has been a story of starting from the bottom and a lot of hard work. As one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers, she was early to recognize the potential. She then turned it into the backbone of Electronic Creatives, creating bulletproof, roadworthy systems to make the biggest shows perfect. But social distancing has created a whole new challenge for her live shows, intensive retreats, and group classes. We learn about her free Live (Online) Masterclass (sign up here!), learn about her other adaptations, and have some fun with the Morph in Live.