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Without Further Ado… The Overlay Design Finalists!

Without Further Ado… The Overlay Design Finalists!

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Our Kickstarter backers have patiently been waiting to see which designs for the Overlay Contest they’ll be able to vote on.  Great news: The wait is over!  Even greater news:  Kickstarter backers will be able to vote today!

We received so many awesome overlay designs from backers all around the world.  The breadth of designs we received reaffirmed our belief that the Sensel technology powering the Morph can be used in so many different areas and applications.

One person submitted an overlay that would replace the control panels used in medical radiology units, another submitted a robot controller, and another submitted a new kind of spiral-like instrument that they’d created all on their own!

However, as with all contests (although we really wished it could be like when we were six years old, when every person on the soccer team got an MVP trophy), a winner has to be chosen.  The Sensel team chose the top five designs, but the final decision is up to you!  Whichever design receives the most votes from our Kickstarter backers will be added as an overlay option for all backers from Kickstarter and for those who are  pre-ordering.

In no particular order, here they are! (*Informative descriptions of each overlay will be included in the survey sent to Kickstarter backers for voting*)

DJ Board Mixer by Phung Phan Phuoc

Sensel Overlay - DJ Board Mixer Info 1.3 - 2.png

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Controller by Rafa Bono Aguilar

DAW Controller Overlay.png

The Striso (a new instrument) by Piers Titus van der Torren


Arcade Controller by Shaundel Celestin

Classic Arcade

Universal Media Editing Overlay by Cliff Edwards

Sensel Morph Media Editing Overlay.png

Thank you so much for those who submitted their overlay designs!  We can’t wait to have our backers vote on which overlay they’d like to have as an overlay option with their orders. We’ll be sending out information TODAY on how to vote, stay tuned!