MP Jams! Crushing on the Music Producer Overlay.

MP Jams! Crushing on the Music Producer Overlay.

MP Jams is a complete electronic dance music set for your fingertips. It’s easy to get going as a beginner, but MP Jams also provides tricks and techniques that can help out seasoned pros. You’ve probably mapped the knobs and sliders to effect values before, but what about making them dedicated loop triggers as well? Here’s MP Jams in action:

The MP Jam set is configured to be more than just a drum machine. It’s a completely remixable set designed for the Music Production overlay. It’s pretty common to treat the 4x4 grid of any MPC-style controller as single sounds or running loops. Instead, the Jam set uses arpeggios to trigger drums and make for easily customized patterns.

Instead of effects on the knobs we have an assortment of loops to bring some energy to the beats. These knobs control volume and a filter sweep, which makes the sounds useful for different moods.

The small bass keys have some vocal stabs for some melodic decoration and the two sliders fade in a backing bass and beat.

What makes all this possible is the advanced MIDI mapping in Bitwig. Dive into the video to see what makes this kit special:

To get this running, you’ll need to download the pack from our store.

If you own a Morph, you already have Bitwig Studio 8-Track, since that’s free with every Morph (hit up if you missed your copy!).

The set also includes a map for the SenselApp to set up the MP overlay, and a basic MIDI controller script for Bitwig to make it simple to use the set. These simple configuration instructions are included in the download. You can also view the PDF guide here.