Anya V: Filling The Spectrum One Frequency at a Time

Anya V: Filling The Spectrum One Frequency at a Time

We often take our pop stars for granted. They seem to appear out of nowhere, and we only know them through their spectacular shows, tight productions, and seemingly endless catchy hooks. Their stories are often carefully crafted by their success. The fans adoration is unconditional, while the cynics think them a product of a machine.

When you step back, it should be obvious that it’s not effortless. There is a full stack of talent that needs to write the songs, sing them, choreograph videos, create a visual experience, and produce the many-layered tracks into tightly mastered stereo experiences for our cars, headphones, and bluetooth speakers. Usually, this is the result of a lot of people creating an experience, not a singular vision.

That’s why we’re so excited to meet Anya V and Jae Deal. They started working together in early 2018 on Anya’s FREQUENCIES EP, and it’s now seeing its release today (1/29). Their ambitions are large and Anya's vision is bigger. Frequencies is a seven song document of Anya’s songwriting and vocal skills, amplified by Jae’s seasoned production. Anya augments the songs with incredible photography, stunning fashion, modeling, and dance. A mysterious, multifaceted gem starts to sparkle. She's not a product of someone else's plan, she's making this happen with her savvy, desire, and craft. 

Our planets aligned at the end of December and we got to know their stories and dive deep into the first single from FREQUENCIES, “Issa Party,” with vocals thick and production slick. Check out our short documentary to get to know the rising star of Anya V.

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