🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement. 🔔 The Morph is discontinued. Click to read the announcement.
Current Testing for The Sensel Morph

Current Testing for The Sensel Morph

Hi all!

We’ve been super busy preparing for our large manufacturing round and testing the Morph in every way possible.

As part of the extension of the delivery schedule we built in more time to perform reliability testing. We have just completed our first suite of testing and are happy to report the results. Below are some of the tests we’ve  performed:

Drop Testing: This test is meant to simulate shipping and normal use. We don’t recommend you drop your device, but if it does take a fall you should be happy to know we performed this test! This test revealed an issue that we were able to fix for the final design.

Vibe Testing: We are shipping devices all over the world. Devices experience unique stresses during shipping. This test is meant to simulate the device being tossed around the back of a UPS truck and ground and air freight. We want to make sure the devices are delivered to you safely.

Environmental Testing: Ever leave your phone in a hot car? DJ in 100 degree weather? The suite of environmental testing is meant to make sure that the Morph can handle the wear and tear of everyday life.

FCC: This is still in progress. This makes sure The Morph can handle random radio interference and won’t interfere with your other electronics. The preliminary results are great and we will plan on shipping with FCC marks.

Battery Testing: This UN required test is necessary to be able to ship the battery and ensures we comply with international standards for battery safety.

A special thanks to Quanta Labs Silicon Valley, where most of the testing was performed.

So far, so good! Thank you so much for your patience while we make sure that The Sensel Morph is in tip-top shape to be shipped, we can’t wait to get it to you!