Announcing Bitwig Studio 8-Track - Free For All Morph+Music Purchases

Announcing Bitwig Studio 8-Track - Free For All Morph+Music Purchases

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Bitwig, makers of the ultra-cool Bitwig Studio music software. More than a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Bitwig takes the modern DAW and gives it some incredible new twists. A clip grid for non-linear composing and live performance, incredible built-in instruments and effects, a well-thought out, efficient workflow, and, incredibly important for the Morph, native MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support. If you're not familiar with Bitwig Studio, Thavius Beck gives a great rundown of Studio 2 in this video:

There's even more in version 2.4, including an incredible Sampler and the Phase4 synthesizer. You can get into all the details on the Bitwig YouTube channel.

On the more esoteric side, here's a demonstration of using the Morph as a pressure controller to "massage" a synthesizer for some pretty extreme effects:

Every Morph purchased with music overlays includes a free copy of Bitwig Studio 8-Track. This version of Studio gives you eight tracks of audio or MIDI tracks, two effect sends, a couple plugins, along with some other limitations described on their site. But limitations are the font of great art - there's still a lot to make and explore with Studio 8-Track. And if you want more, this license provides an automatic $40 off the full Studio upgrade.

The other great news is that Bitwig Studio (and 8-Track) is fully integrated with the Morph. Just update the overlay maps and flash the Morph, and you're ready to go. Check out this blog post that highlights the integration, or head on over to the guide for complete documentation.

We look forward to hearing what you make with the expressive combination of Bitwig Studio and the Sensel Morph.