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"Sensel opens a world of interactions with its interface tech — via stylus, through gloves, even underwater." - Read | April, 2020
"The new $28 million Series A brings [Sensel's] total funding up to $38 million, courtesy of Susquehanna International Group, Morningside Group, SMiT, Palm Commerce Holdings Co. Ltd, Chariot Gold Limited, SV Tech Ventures and Innolinks Ventures." - Read | March, 2020
"Sensel intends to use its fresh funding to expand its production, customer support and supply chain capabilities." - Read  | January, 2020
"The more I used this tech, the more I started to realize the full potential. For starters, having fully software based buttons means you can configure everything. All of the sudden, left handed users can actually have a phone that feels like it had them in mind.”  - Watch | January, 2020
“Sensel’s touch technology...can allow phone makers to put virtual buttons nearly anywhere they wish. We tested each of these features and came away impressed.” - Read | January, 2020
[Sensel CEO Ilya] Rosenberg showed me a prototype Android phone with Sensel’s sensors around the sides. These high-resolution sensors detect the change in resistance when force is applied by measuring works even if you're wearing gloves or have the phone wrapped in a case. - Read  | January, 2020
"Sensel pressure sensors at CES 2020 overcome the hurdles of modern touch. [It's] Pressure Grid" technology...offers precision and force sensitivity without many of the drawbacks of current touchscreens, which rely mostly on capacitive touch tech." - Read | January, 2020
“[Sensel's] Pressure Grid sensor goes much further than the Active Edge sensor in a Pixel. It doesn't just detect when you squeeze, but it knows how hard and can track movement.” - Read | January, 2020
"Sensel Collaborates With Visionox To Highlight Next Generation Side-Sensing Demo Phone At CES." - Read | January, 2020
“'5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became CTO of Sensel,' with Aaron Zarraga" - Read | September, 2019
"Sensel - the company enabling people to enjoy more expressive interaction with their devices - is demoing its latest innovative formats and uses for the world's most advanced touch technology at Display Week 2019." - Read | May, 2019
"Pressure Grid...[is] also thin and capable of working with flexible displays, making the company well-positioned for what could well be the next wave of mobile devices." - Read | January, 2019
"[Sensel] develops touchscreen technology based on force touch. In essence, [it] detects not only where you're pressing on your smartphone's screen, but also how hard your press is. And with support for multitouch, Sensel can measure each individual press when you have multiple fingers on your screen." - Read | January, 2019
"The ability to measure pressure has a distinct advantage: that makes it much easier for a phone to reject unintentional taps and swipes on secondary displays that, say, wrap around the sides and back of a phone. Using this technology, the whole phone — even the sides — can be touchscreen." - Read | January, 2019
"Smit Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong-based maker of mobile payment terminals and security devices for pay television, has increased its investment in U.S.-based startup firm Sensel Inc. by $5 million through a purchase of preferred stock." - Read | November, 2018
"13 Books These High Achievers Say Helped Them Get Ahead," featuring Sensel CEO Ilya Rosenberg Read | April, 2018
"The real magic lies in the Morph pad itself. On the face of it, the system is essentially a giant trackpad, featuring the company’s proprietary Pressure Grid technology...the company is [also] seeking partnerships with device makers to incorporate its technology into things like trackpads - Read | January, 2018

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